Frequently Asked Questions

What wines do you sell?

Appellation driven fine wines available via Texas distribution channels. Constant Contact emails for both DUMP & VAULT communicate wine selection, pricing, promotions & special offers. (Product & pricing is not published online.)

How do I order and purchase wine?

(1) Customers receive current inventory, promotional deals & pre-sells through private Constant Contact marketing emails. (2) Customers email orders to [email protected]. (3) A Square invoice is forwarded to the customer to confirm quantities & pricing. (4) Customers can make an appointment to pick-up orders at the temperature-controlled storage location. Free delivery is offered in The Woodlands for orders over $150.

Do you have a storefront?

No. Wines are stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit. This helps us offer aggressive pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, personal check, and credit card. Most major CC's are accepted via Square.

How many emails will I receive?

Typically 2 per week: 1 for DUMP & 1 for VAULT. Additional emails are sent for special offers & promotions.

How are your wines sourced?

Wines are sourced via reputable TX distribution partners.

What is the difference between DUMP and VAULT emails?

The DUMP email includes lower priced or drastically discounted fine wines. While VAULT wines are typically higher-priced & ideal for the cellar.

Where is your inventory stored / located?

DUMP & VAULT wines are stored in a temperature-controlled storage unit at Life Storage at 7951 Alden Bend Drive in The Woodlands. There are no regular store hours. Visiting the storage location is by appointment only.

What are your store hours?

There are no regular store hours. Customers are asked to arrange meetings by appointment.

Can I place special orders for wines not in current inventory?

Yes. Sometimes customers are asked to purchase by-the-case for special orders. This typically depends on the wine and its distribution partner.